We Are Closing

After serving the communities of Lincoln Park and Bucktown for 50 years, it saddens us to inform you that Chicago Dental Professionals will be closing as of June 30, 2023 due to the loss of our lease for our office space.

Thank You!

We thank you for the trust you have given us as your dental healthcare provider. It has been our pleasure to serve your dental needs and we sincerely appreciate your patronage.

It is important that you continue with appropriate dental care; therefore, you should establish contact with another dentist as soon as possible. Oftentimes, the recommendation of friends and relatives or contacting the Chicago Dental Society, can be great ways of locating another dentist. In addition, we are happy to recommend one of United Dental Partners’ other practices located in the greater Chicago area. If you would like a recommendation to one of our other practices, please contact <Phone Number to be confirmed>.

Orthodontic patients of Dr. Weiss will receive additional information about how to continue orthodontic treatment under his care.

With your permission, copies of the pertinent information from your records can be made available to a dentist of your choosing. If you are an active patient, please complete the form below. On receipt of the submitted form, our office will forward a copy of your records to you or to the dentist you designate.


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