Dr. Kontos and his team have been taking care of my dental needs for over 10 years. Best dentist ever. Professional, reasonable, great. He won’t try to sell you something you don’t need, unlike other “dental boutiques”. I lost count on how many repairs, including root canals and crowns, I had with them. Highly recommended.

-Bruno P. (Chicago, IL 7/5/12)

Everyone knows you can read reviews from a restaurant and typically get a real feel for a place. Doctors, dentists, plumbers, locksmiths and the like are often trickier. As of right now, I am without dental insurance and I’ve been to “test driving” dentists via Groupon. Luckily, it’s only for teeth cleanings. 

I desperately needed a teeth cleaning and about 2 days after I decided this, a Groupon was offered for Chicago Dental Professionals. Now, I’m not against paying full price for a teeth cleaning, but I’m also not into paying full price for a teeth cleaning when the person doing the cleaning is rude. The last lady who cleaned my teeth was awful and kept hurting me and then saying “You did this to yourself.”, among other things. I went here hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, but really, there was no need for that because Sharon was wonderful! 

First, there is a (small) parking garage if you enter on the side street. This was a pleasant surprise. Second, everyone I dealt with was great. Now, I’m an oddball in the sense that I always enjoyed going to the dentist as a child. After my last teeth cleaning, I was a little apprehensive. Well, Sharon completely put me at ease. Shortly after she started she noticed my eyes weeping and asked if it was because I was in pain. I explained that it was because I had contacts in and they were reacting to the bright light. She immediately moved the light so it wasn’t in my eyes and resumed work. Sharon chatted with me and even though it was mostly her doing the talking, I enjoyed it. It turns out she had braces as an adult as well and truly understood some of the problems I was having with different products I was trying. She told me what worked for her and even showed me a product I might want to invest in to save me some time (and my sanity). 

After the cleaning, Dr. Richter came in and checked out my mouth. Now, last time I had a teeth cleaning, the dentist was adamant I had a horrible cavity that needed to be taken care of. Dr. Richter did not see this same cavity. He did see a potential problem but said I didn’t need to worry about it right now and he’d look again once my braces come off and see what needed to be done. I appreciate that he didn’t try and force me to book an appointment for more work. He did say I should come every 3-4 months for a cleaning, but this I’ve been told from other people as well (because of the braces). I purchased a Groupon to try out a new business and in this instance, they “sold” me. I will happily come back! 

Oh, this is slightly irrelevant, but it’s something that pleased me. I’m pierced. Not nearly as much as I used to be, but enough that people might notice. Sharon asked if I could take the barbell out of my tongue for the x-ray but had no problem with me putting it back in for the cleaning. She very politely mentioned I should avoid playing with the barbell to avoid cracking any teeth but was never rude. Dr. Richter mentioned the same thing. I’ve had doctors and other dentists make snide remarks, but that wasn’t the case here.

-Claudia S. (Chicago, IL 4/13/12)

Ok, bought the Groupon and decided to get a teeth cleaning. Set up an appointment and had the fortunate opportunity to be seen by Halina. She was amazing!! Honest, direct and clearly knowledgeable. I have never had a better experience at the dentist, truthfully… I’m moving, but if I wasn’t, I would go back to her without question.

-Beth B. (Chicago, IL 3/23/12)

I have been going to Halina to get my teeth cleaned for more than 10 years. She is the best, knowledgeable, engaging, thorough and quick – but not too quick. And she is always on time – don’t know how she does that! Dr. Kontos is my dentist there. Again very knowledgeable and helpful. My front tooth chips in small pieces and he does his very best to repair until I hit it on a peach pit again. But he is patient and thorough as well. I take pretty good care of my teeth between visits, but they are always showing me areas I need to work on. They never try to sell me on “stuff” just hygiene and tricks to keep everything in good shape and a full set of teeth in my mouth. 
On top of all this great dental service, they are backed up by a front office staff who are really outstanding. This last visit this month was when I traveled back to Chicago – they were able to accommodate my regular cleaning with the pesky repair of my front tooth. Without inconveniencing another patient, Hope called another patient to see if they could come in 30 minutes later so I could have the appointments together. I REALLY appreciated the extra effort considering I was flying in for a visit and cleaning. I highly recommend Chicago Dental Professionals. By the way, I don’t have any children, but they treat a lot of kids there, all seem happy and well adjusted while visiting the dentist!

-Barbara T. (Washington, DC 2/25/12)

I have been relatively lazy as far as dental exams. I got an exam at Metropolitan Dental Care about 10 months ago via a Groupon, and the exam was fine, but they told me I needed $1200 worth of work. I put it off because I couldn’t afford it (and had no serious problems), so I bought a Groupon for Chicago Dental Professionals, and if they would have told me the same, I would have gotten the work done. After my exam, Dr. Richter (a friendly, knowledgeable doctor) told me my teeth looked great, and there was no reason to get that kind of work done on my teeth. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with the outcome, and will absolutely be recommending this place to my friends and family!

-Dave K. (Chicago, IL 12/30/11)

Bought me a Groupon & waited til it was almost expired – yep, after approx 9 yrs I was not at all looking forward to assessing the state of my mouth. 
Hope & Stacy – absolutely wonderful. Dr. Richter was exactly whom I had chosen when reviewing staff online. Educated in part in Wisconsin, so the Indiana girl with a long overdue date with a dentist – I was thrilled when he introduced himself! 
Lovely experience all around. And not at all because my teeth were in stellar condition despite the long term neglect. All I can do is highly recommend … and smile a lot brighter!!!!

-Kelly K. (Chicago, IL 12/28/11)

I have been a patient of Chicago Dental Works for over 30 years, going back to their other location at Fullerton and Ashland. Dr. Michael Jordan has been my dentist for the last 25 years. During this time, I have have always found him to exhibit great skill as a dentist and also as a person. He has always explained the procedure and what he would be doing. I know he has maintained the highest professional standard throughout our time together. I believe in his skills and never doubted those skills. He has many times referred me to other dentists when my problems required it. I believe he is an excellent dentist. So much as to say that I have recommended him to several friends and each one has retained Dr. Jordan as their dentist.

-Michael G. (Chicago, IL 9/18/11)

I have been a patient of Dr. Joseph Morgan since I was three years old, 24 years later he is still the only dentist I have ever had. This fall he is retiring and I will be sad to see him go. Dr. Morgan, Dr. Weiss and the team at Chicago Dental Professionals have become an extension of my family over the years. They have been part of my life and my brother’s lives as we have grown, moved away for college, and have found ourselves coming back to Chicago. It is no surprise that Dr. Morgan was a pediatric dentist, his warm nature lends him to be accessible to children and their apprehensiveness in a dental office. Although I should have “graduated” to a grown up dentist, I never really felt the need. He did great working from bonding my chipped tooth after a summer at camp to my regular cleanings. He always made a point to ask how my mother was, my father, and my brother and he genuinely listened and I felt like he was like a grandfather to me. Dr. Andrew Weiss spent several years working through braces and countless retainers that my brother and I broke. He was always patient and accommodating no matter how many different donut colors I would request for my brackets depending on the holiday season. I am complimented constantly on my smile and my teeth and asked where I had my orthodontic work done. They both are the best at what they do. I recently recommended Chicago Dental Professional to a friend of mine who was looking for a new dentist. As I gave her the office information, was glad to have been lucky enough to never find myself in the business of looking for a good dentist.

-Meg C. (Chicago, IL 9/17/11)

I’m 26 years old, and Dr. Jordan is the only dentist I have ever had.
 I walked in for my first appointment when I was 3, and still haven’t left. Dr. Jordan has always been transparent and informative in regards to my dental health. Several of the staff have been there for years. Everyone strives to maintain a friendly familial cohesiveness which is something I truly appreciate. Hygienists Laura and Halina are excellent and provide good banter and conversation (when invited of course) to make the time go by faster. I look forward to returning for years to come.

-Elena R. (Chicago, IL 8/2/11)

I have been going to Chicago Dental Professionals for over 28 years and my teeth have never looked better. I find the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable. I had terrible teeth as a child and have had numerous procedures over the years and I have never had a problem. Dr. Weiss was able to correct a terrible under bite that I had as a child without surgery. My braces corrected crooked teeth and have never shifted in over 15 years. Dr. Morgan has helped to keep my teeth cavity free and always helps to answer questions and solve problems about my sensitive teeth. Halina cleans my teeth twice a year and does a fantastic job. It is painless and the service is always wonderful. I would highly recommend Chicago Dental Professionals to anyone for any dental needs. It has a family feel as you walk through the doors. I follow the guidance of the dental staff and have never had one issue in 28 years, I believe that speaks for itself!

-Katie H. (Chicago, IL 5/1/11)

I needed a repair on a permanent retainer that had a loose wire – and it seems impossible to find an orthodontist that will work on permanent orthodontics that they did not install themselves. Well, Chicago Dental Works took care of it, fitting me in the next day after I called. 

Very friendly staff and Dr. Weiss was personable and efficient. They also will bill insurance as opposed to a few others that will only do repairs if you pay cash or check, which seems a little strange.

-Alex S. (Chicago, IL 11/10/09)

I have been going to see Halina and Dr. Kontos since before Yelp existed. I was delighted to see other Yelpers as pleased as I am. Just went for my regular check up. All good! But as always, Halina is great. Wonderful customer service, knows what she is talking about. Always gives me a couple suggestions to keep my pearly whites healthy and well. Dr. Kontos is terrific. Really nice guy. Off and on I chip my front tooth, just the bottom where it is thinnest. He was determined to fix it for good and did about 5 years ago and have never had a problem since. It was a tough fix right at the bottom where it is thinnest. So nice about getting it done right. Everyone on staff is terrific, very friendly and efficient. Postcard reminders, calls before your appointment, scheduling next visit before you leave and updating all your info when you arrive. Free parking and the valet guy is really nice too. Make an appointment with Halina and Dr. Kontos!

-Barbara T. (Chicago, IL 9/4/09)

Mmm bacon, how I love thee….Well, except for the extra crunchy piece that took out part of my tooth. Having no insurance and no regular dds to go to, boy I was worried. I came to Yelp, found a few places to call but ended up settling trying this place.

 Met with Dr. Kontos who was so nice, calming and so clear when explaining I’d need a crown. Holy crap, I thought! Since he was so nice, professional and made me feel comfortable, I went back to him to get the job done.

 He was efficient, funny and did a good job! Whew…..though no more crunchy bacon for me. sniffle….

-Becky M. (Chicago, IL 5/23/09)

I was referred to Dr. Michael Jordan by a friend’s mom who is a dental hygienist in the ‘burbs- and I have been thrilled! 
The hygienists are knowledgeable and always friendly. 
Dr. Jordan is extremely capable and works hard to make your experience enjoyable (he encourages patients to listen to their iPods if he has to drill). If it’s baseball season and the Cubbies are playing, more than likely he’ll have the game on in the background. He is thorough and takes the time to explain exactly what needs to be done and how he is going to do it. 
I have referred several friends to him. If you are looking for a new dentist, please don’t hesitate to check out Chicago Dental Works.

-Julia S. (Chicago, IL 11/16/07)