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Chicago Dental Professionals is known throughout the Chicagoland area for our state-of-the-art dental technologies.  In addition to metal and wire braces, Chicago Dental Professionals is proud to offer Invisalign treatment as well.  Invisalign braces are quickly becoming the preferred alternative to traditional metal and wire braces, due to their discrete appearance.  Our Invisalign braces give you the confidence and self-esteem that you deserve.  In addition to our extraordinary Invisalign treatment, we also offer:

  • Cosmetic dentistry;
  • Family dentistry;
  • Orthodontics;
  • Dental Implants;
  • Pediatric dental care; and
  • Periodontics.

Over the years, Chicago Dental Professionals has helped countless 60613 residents with their dental needs and more recently, their Invisalign treatment, as well.

60613 Invisalign Cost

Chicago Dental Professionals is conveniently located at the corner of Fullerton Ave. and Clybourn Ave., just a short drive south of 6061360613 patients have been coming to Chicago Dental Professionals, not only because we are a leader in Invisalign treatment, but also due to our exceptional staff and dedication to customer satisfaction.  At Chicago Dental Professionals, we strive to exceed our 60613 patients expectations whether it’s for a routine checkup or Invisalign braces.  Best of all, we understand how dental procedures can affect your budget, which is why we have a number of different ways to pay for your treatment.  If you live in or around 60613 and need dental help or want to finally look into Invisalign braces, Chicago Dental Professionals is here to help.

60613 Clear Braces

At Chicago Dental Professionals, we understand how unsightly metal or wire braces can appear.  This is why we highly recommend the use of Invisalign braces.  These invisible braces will help straighten your teeth without impairing your self-esteem or appearance.  They also offer many advantages over traditional metal and wire braces, such as:

  • Invisalign braces can be removed when you eat, drink and brush or floss your teeth;
  • Metal brackets and wires that can irritate your mouth are eliminated; and
  • Invisalign braces allow wearers to see how they will look after wearing clear braces.

When you decide it’s time to look into the benefits of Invisalign braces, give the experts are Chicago Dental Professionals a call at: (773) 528-2205 for an Invisalign consultation.

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